Logitech M100 USB Optical Wired Mouse Review: A Simple 3 Button Mouse

Logitech M100 USB Optical Wired Mouse

Logitech M100 USB Optical Wired Mouse

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 7.2 x 5.1 x 2.2 inches

Weight: 5.6 ounces

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Logitech M100 USB Optical Wired Mouse

Our Review:

Quite simply this Logitech optical mouse is by far the cheapest alternative to all of the mouse out on the high-street at the moment.  But cheap doesn’t always mean low quality and in this case the Logitech M100 comes into it’s own offering the user what is does best.  Being a 3 button mouse means that it can concentrate on what it essentially is built for, basic user control with no frills.  The Logitech M100 delivers this but still manages to capture the style that Logitech seem to go for in all of their desktop and wireless mice in production.

It’s also designed for both left-handed users and right-handed users with it still being very comfortable to use for long periods of time.  The 1000 dpi tracking lends itself to it’s Logitech high-quality optical sensor allowing full control and sensitivity that you desire regardless of what applications you are using.

There’s not really a lot more that can be said about this Logitech optical mouse.  If you’re looking for a cheap, basic 3 button mouse that doesn’t break the bank then look no further than the Logitech M100.

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Logitech M100 Mouse Compatibility:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Powered USB Port

Package Contents:

  • Logitech M100 Mouse
  • User Documentation

 User Reviews Of The Logitech M100 Mouse

 “Nice light-weight mouse…

Having read the two reviews on Amazon that slammed this mouse, I was hesitant to buy it. However, Testfreaks.com users rated it 9.2 so I decided to try it. Personally, I like the weight of this mouse and find it works just fine. I am not offended by its quality at all. It is also a smallish “flatter” mouse which is good if you have smaller hands and don’t like the larger mice. You will probably want to adjust the speed of the pointer as it did seem pretty fast out of the box. I think that the cheaper Logitech B100 is the same mouse, so may buy this as a backup…”

“A simple wired optical mouse…

I don’t demand a lot from mice. Just the basics: moving the pointer, a scroll wheel, 3 buttons (pressing the wheel is the third button) and operation on most any color surface. This mouse does it all perfectly and reliably…”

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Having used many models of computer systems (Unix boxes, Lisp machines, Mac products, and a myriad of PC computers) since the early 80’s, I find it to be comfortable and works fine. However, I never use the center wheel since the using the combination of Shift-LH Button faster and more accurate for content selection. So I won’t comment on the wheel pros and cons. Both the LH and RH mouse buttons feel fine and are repeatable. Being optical, it eliminates needing having to clean the trash out of a ball cavity! Overall, it is a great value.

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